March 1

Triangles, screaming legs, missing hands, and snow

Look deeply into the network...
Look deeply into the network…

This has been an interesting week in the Aaronverse. I think the highlight has been the two hour span last night, where I got to spend a white picket fence style two hour session with my oldest helping with homework. Sure, it was over the phone, crossing two time zones, three states, and discussing math that I either never learned, did not remember learning, or did not pay attention to when I was learning it (and so, had to relearn it). And it was followed by playing a pseudo version of Cards against Humanity online, but it was still bonding at a level that I missed a lot of being a divorced father.

My legs, my left leg specifically, has a build up of fibrous tissue that is painful but I have to wait for the it to heal naturally. Loos like a weird alien has latched on to my leg.

My right hand has gone to sleep, probably due to MS. This is really not good and it is already causing problems with my typing.

Winter also decided to show up to Indiana right at the tail end of February, bringing with it blizzard level snowfall and chilly temperatures, though, not exactly at the same time. Seven inches of snow on the ground outside as I write this, and the temperature is a balmy 271 degrees Kelvin outside (28 degrees Fahrenheit or -2 Celsius for you scientifically lazy peeps), even though it was colder earlier in the week.

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