January 15

Funny arguments of the week

Ever get the feeling that your opponent in a battle of wits is a little less than armed?

Some of you who know me personally know that I tend to like to argue. While, in my early life, this led to a lot of stress, tension, and headaches for my parents, as an adult, I eventually learned to channel my natural impulses to debate into a more constructive (or, at least, a bit less destructive) use on the Internet.

No, seriously. Arguing on the Internet is a good outlet for me. I found that I argue less with my wife and kids, less with my parents (well, unless it is online, but that is another issue), and less with my ex-wife.

Sometimes, it can be a bit humorous. For the past five years or so, I was an admin on a Facebook debate group about religion and atheism.

But, a few months ago, the group was deleted by Facebook for [reasons]. Oh well. At that point, I decided to try and wean myself off of the debates. I felt a sense of loss, sure, but I felt it was time. I had better things to do with my time, like working on my webcomic, Fred the Dot.

But, I missed it. Rather than get as deeply into it as I had been, I decided to limit myself. A group here, a debate there. Well, one area I started dipping my toe into was Youtube debate.

The first thing that comes to mind is the quote from Episode IV. A hive of scum and villainy. Even so, it has been oddly satisfying.

Recently, I got into a heated debate on a video regarding the portrayal of the LGBT community in games. It devolved into a discussion of how HIV spread. This individual was somehow convinced that HIV and other STIs were caused by (wait for it…) feces, and that anal sex was the cause of it, not just the transmission route. After he launched into insults and the like, I showed him an explanation of how one got HIV from the same website he had been using for his argument against homosexual men.

During the same series of discussions, I had people try to convince me that I worshiped Satan, that each generation could determine meanings for words at their discretion (to which I responded with current slang, and the person got pissed off because he thought I was using nonsense, made up words), and some of the stereotypical lame arguments against homosexuality. What I do with my private parts is none of your damn business (unless a being is involved that does not legally consent), and vice versa, and that is how I feel about everyone.

But, in the end, I realized that it is ultimately not satisfying. Imagine in a game that when you beat the final boss, the boss just stops moving and sits there. That is what it is like to argue online. So, no more. I’m moving on.

Currently in my Steam Library, I have 149 games. Some of them I have never even played. So, I will be playing and reviewing each and every one, one game a week, from now on, posting my progress here. I may even post videos. Who knows! We shall see. Super fun awesome game time!

January 11

A realization about what it means to be human

Nexus of all things Aaron

I had a realization this afternoon as I watched the Game Theorists and played Minecraft. Human beings are nexuses of their interests and then process those things into a synthesis of creation into new things. Sometimes, these things capture the imagination of others, and, it turn, become fuel for new creation, like a chain reaction in a multi-thousand year long chain. Some people fault religions for being based on previous religions, or fiction for being based on previous fictions, but it is all part of the great panoply that is the human condition. The phrase “There is nothing new under the sun” sounds, at first, to be a sad and defeatist truism, but it can also be just a realization and celebration that, in a very real sense, everything is at once new and familiar at the same time, new shoes that fit like the old comfortable pair of sneakers you mom wanted you to throw away. Does the fact that something has a familiar air to it mean that it is bad or less than good? Look at the image. The light reflecting through the piece of art has familiar colors you have seen before. Does that make it less beautiful? You have smelled roses before. Does that make them less sweet?

Don’t get me wrong; there is such a thing as over saturation. But that is when something is over done, not just redone. Forbidden planet may be similar to the story of Prospero, but that does not diminish from the wonderfulness of the story. Some stories have the same basic message, but that does not make the message worth less. Back to the Future III has the same moral as Terminator II. When our favorite character comes to the same conclusion we did twenty minutes before, sometimes that helps form the emotional bond between us.

And, in other thoughts…

A: Knock knock
B: Who’s there?
A: Me.
B: Me who?
A: Me. What happened to your door?

Things are funny when they are unexpected, and sometimes they are funnier when they turn out that they are actually are expected, but we expected the unexpected. So, when things are unexpectable, it can be even more interesting.