February 9

Down the Orange Rabbit Hole

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I have had an on again, off again affair with Linux, and Ubuntu to be specific. Sure, I’ve tried other flavors, such as Mint, Suse, Mandriva, Fedora, and Debian, with a few smaller distros thrown in for fun. I’ve done some neat things, like set up an enterprise level Asterisk system, pissed off a former employer by hobbling together a workstation for a client out of spare parts and Linux because all they needed was a web terminal (So sorry you could not sell them on a full, new computer), pushed versions onto all sorts of devices, and even used actual Unix on a laptop.

But, the time has come to once again try to install Ubuntu on my desktop machine.

One of my favorite games, Kerbal Space Program, will be finally releasing a full version. Alas, they are cutting off the 64 bit version on the Windows branch, because the 64 bit version of Unity is horribly unstable on Windows. I have a lot of plugins, and it crashes a lot in Windows due to the effective 3.5 GB memory limit for 32 bit programs.

So, it is time to try and get everything working on Linux, yet again.

Last time, it tried to eat my RAID array, being a hardware based RAID 5. Linux didn’t like the partition, and tried to “fix” it. Bad idea.

Not to mention my main drive is a bit, well, “special”. This could go well, or go spectacularly wrong. We shall see which it is, very soon. Wish me luck!

UPDATE: Three hours later, and my system is now a dual boot.

The only major issue thus far is that Windows and Ubuntu handle BIOS time differently. Going to have to work that out. Ubuntu adjusts the time at the software level and sets the BIOS to GMT. Windows sets the BIOS to Eastern. Here’s the fix!

Minor issue is that Linux does not recognize the RAID. No biggie. Don’t need much on the RAID when I am in Linux anyway, so I can put that project off until a later date.

Graphic and sound drivers work. Installed Steam and KSP without issue. It looks like I am going to have to recode for my messy mouse buttons myself. Well, no one said using Linux would be easy…

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