January 27

Week #1, Day #2

The 7th Guest
The cover art copyright is believed to belong to Virgin Interactive.

Sorry about the delay, my pretties. Bit of an IRL issue, I’ll go into it later.

So, 7th Guest.

Getting past the fact that the game is more than twenty years old, and the graphics make me have flashbacks to when I was a teenager.

I tried to reduce it to a window, so I could continue to write this. Instead, I ended up irrevocably exiting my game, which meant I had to sit through the VGA resolution five minute intro movie, which could not be exited out of. Thankfully, I can run it in the background while writing, and just listen to the story.

Here’s the gist of it. Old drifter who is a right bastard (robbing stores to survive) robs and apparently kills a woman coming home from choir practice. He then has a dream about a creepy doll. He whittles the doll. He has another drteam, making another toy. He makes the new toy. He opens a shop selling toys, and becomes rich. Everyone wants one of his toys! But then the children start dying. He builds a house, and then invites a bunch of people to the house. They all criticize the house when they get there.

It appears to be a series of basic puzzles. The first one I encountered was a cake game, where the player has to divvy up a cake by the symbols on each piece. Two skulls, two tombstones, and one piece with just icing. One done, the player is treated to a small cut scene of the young woman and the older married guy, with her hitting on him, and his head exploding. Not gross blood exploding, but stretchy cartoony exploding.

So far, the acting has been amateur community theater level. Not surprised. The game industry of the 1990s was tiny. They did not have the budgets for decent acting (or writers, apparently)

Okay, that was good for about an hour’s amusement. Now, in 1993, I was 15, and this might have been interesting for a few hours, but, to be honest, the cut scenes you cannot exit out of and that are painfully long are a deal killer for me. I know I was going to spend a week on this one, but I’m throwing in the towel. For a twenty two year old game, it just cannot stand up. Maybe a revamped version would be better, but with all of the issues this one has, it just isn’t interesting to me. But, while I was playing, I was wondering what audience would be interested in it these days. I am not sure any would be.

Tomorrow, I will start 8BitMMO.

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January 18

Week #1, Day #1 – The 7th Guest

The 7th Guest
The cover art copyright is believed to belong to Virgin Interactive.

First off, yes, I know this is a older game. I am a big fan of game bundles, and this came in one some time ago. Deal with it.

A bit of history. The 7th Guest was released by Virgin Games in 1993, about twenty two years ago. At the time, I was in high school, rocking a 486DX2/66. My computer could have handled this came well at the time, back before there were too many titles that required massive hardware to run. Currently, my computer has over 10,000 times the hard drive space, over 1,000 times the memory, and over 300 times the processor power of that little machine. We won’t go into screen real estate or video cards right now.

The game was widely hailed as an amazing game, accelerating CD-ROM drive sales (If you are under the age of 20, those are like DVD drives, only with much lower capacity), and even Bill Gates praised in as “the new standard of interactive entertainment.” If you want to read more, here is the wiki on it.

The thing is, I wasn’t really into spooky games.

The closest thing to this was that my mom had a copy of Myst, and I liked it.

Well, I will be endeavoring to play this game, and will review it at the end of the week. Yes, there will be spoilers. Guess what. It is a game that, if human, would be legally able to drink, so, get over it.