January 11

A realization about what it means to be human

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I had a realization this afternoon as I watched the Game Theorists and played Minecraft. Human beings are nexuses of their interests and then process those things into a synthesis of creation into new things. Sometimes, these things capture the imagination of others, and, it turn, become fuel for new creation, like a chain reaction in a multi-thousand year long chain. Some people fault religions for being based on previous religions, or fiction for being based on previous fictions, but it is all part of the great panoply that is the human condition. The phrase “There is nothing new under the sun” sounds, at first, to be a sad and defeatist truism, but it can also be just a realization and celebration that, in a very real sense, everything is at once new and familiar at the same time, new shoes that fit like the old comfortable pair of sneakers you mom wanted you to throw away. Does the fact that something has a familiar air to it mean that it is bad or less than good? Look at the image. The light reflecting through the piece of art has familiar colors you have seen before. Does that make it less beautiful? You have smelled roses before. Does that make them less sweet?

Don’t get me wrong; there is such a thing as over saturation. But that is when something is over done, not just redone. Forbidden planet may be similar to the story of Prospero, but that does not diminish from the wonderfulness of the story. Some stories have the same basic message, but that does not make the message worth less. Back to the Future III has the same moral as Terminator II. When our favorite character comes to the same conclusion we did twenty minutes before, sometimes that helps form the emotional bond between us.

And, in other thoughts…

A: Knock knock
B: Who’s there?
A: Me.
B: Me who?
A: Me. What happened to your door?

Things are funny when they are unexpected, and sometimes they are funnier when they turn out that they are actually are expected, but we expected the unexpected. So, when things are unexpectable, it can be even more interesting.

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